Station Imaging

Radio Station Imaging

Presenter Jingles / Station Promos  and Imaging is the fun part of this business, and Radio Image Lab have developed long and enduring relationships with radio presenters and station management.

From one off packages to a monthly service, we’ll give you what you need and when you need it, to keep your image fresh and entertaining. With 18 years of award winning radio experience [ Highland Radio / Today FM ] – we’ll give your station – from commercial to community,school or hospital, a much needed sonic face lift.

Monthly Station Promo

Blow your own trumpet on a regular basis, with smart ear catching and entertaining promos featuring – for example – the best of the previous weeks entertainment – the variety of programming your station has to offer, or single out your top rated show and really push it out there.

Monthly Sales Promo

Your future top advertising client may be listening – NEVER stop pushing your advertising space – how successful it is – your listenership figures – and what advertising with your station can do to boost sales etc. It always works!

Monthly News & Sport Promo

Use audio from previous months news and sports highlights – hold on to your current crop of listeners and gather more !

Seasonal Promos

Make the most of Christmas/ Halloween / Mums day – you name it !  Whatever your local community is celebrating – make sure they do it with your station.

Radio Station & Presenter Jingles

Radio drop-ins / and jingles – either sung or in cool spoken word form – often help to create a definitive sound for a radio station, and while many reputable companies offer smooth catchy accapella identity stings, they can be a tad homogeneous. Radio Image Lab like to be different – contact us with your requirements.