Award Winning Radio Adverts

award winning radio adverts

When you want to sell anything, whether it’s a product, or simply a message – you need to address your target audience, and make that 15 / 20 / or 30 second radio commercial production, stop listeners in their tracks and immediately get to know and trust you.

Wet & Wild – Brief Encounters

The first thing your potential client wants to know is – what’s in it for them ?

Amazingly, many award winning radio ads fail to actually earn money for the client who commissioned
it, by missing out on this simple home truth.

A radio advert should entertain when possible, but not if you miss out on engaging your prospective customer in some way.

Radio Image Lab have produced not only multi award winning radio adverts, but have have clients
who consistently come back to us – because our ads work.

The Three Steps to a Successful Radio Ad

Sky Television – Award Winning Advert

Sky Television – Wimbledon

1. Contact us with a brief synopsis of who you are, and what you do – your business, or the group you are representing.

2. List all your important details –

a. Your name [ you would be surprised at how many folks don’t know what to call themselves when it comes to putting an advert together.]

Crawford Tiles – That’d be Me

b. Your contact details

c. If you have any creative ideas that you feel might make a good ad, don’t be afraid to tell us – many of our best ads are inspired by our own clients suggestions – after all – it’s your business, and you know it better than anyone.

Flanagan’s Furniture – The Undead

The Outline

Create attention grabbing headlines
Create attention grabbing headlines

This is what you want to advertise, and to whom you want to direct the message. Here are a few pointers in putting an outline together for us.

  • What is your Unique Selling Proposition ?  – in otherwards, why should folks come to you, buy off you, be entertained by you – or whatever.
  • Be generous – make them an offer, but make it a genuine one, and only you know if you are being genuine!
  • Create a sense of urgency or at least make a call to action from the listener
  • If possible, try and avoid long or multiple phone numbers and long web addresses etc, unless they are short and easy to remember. Folks aren’t sitting in anticipation of your radio advert, with a pen and paper in hand.As long as you get your name and message across – the listener will do the rest of the work in finding you. If you have a web address, drop the WWW part. That harks back to the origin of the internet, when you needed to type your destination into the address bar – nowdays –  folks just google !
    So –  Joe Bloggs – dot.com will suffice.
  • Try and avoid telling folks how wonderful you are – just stick to what’s in it for the listener .

We’ll then take your outline and give you a standout radio commercial in return – that’s a promise.

How to create an award winning advert

Entertain your prospective customer while letting them know what’s in it for them